Saturday, September 8, 2007

Vera Neumann dreams and plans

There was a blurb in one of the home magazines about the Vera Neumann company reissuing some of her designs. I am such a fan of the linen napkins and aprons and the graphic scarves, the ones that look like Sonia Delaunay silks. Vera Textiles by Jeanette and Katherine Michalets documents many of her designs for collectors.

I had the idea that I would knit this scarf in segments, and I did knit the first 40 pieces. I just haven't gotten around to the yards of navy blue rectangles. This could be felted into the nicest-sized pillow. A little backing on the scarf itself would make it pillow-ready. Add a Japanese indigo quilted version and there's a whole couch.

Next, I'd throw a "paint your own silk scarf" party with the secret objective of collecting and editing everyone's practice scraps into a crazy quilt. For this party I would wear a long Vera wrap skirt and serve drinks with Vera cocktail napkins - which I would have to make since they have gotten so popular on ebay. I'll just add that to my list.


Cristina said...

Is my invitation in the mail?

Kay said...

Brilliant center to that blanket. You must knit the sides! Maybe if it's a pillow you don't have to do all the navy squares, just a frame's worth? So, so cool.

It's so fun to see things I'd forgotten about and never saw. xo Kay