Friday, September 28, 2007

Cable process halted

I am pausing at this point on Anne Boleyn (name courtesy Cristina). I have put the sleeves on strings and done 4 rounds of purling around the middle. I need to rip that back, maybe rip that last bit of the center cable. When I re-knit it I will decrease a little more. But then what? I was planning on st st for the rest, but that seems too plain now. I could continue the cables and decrease the seed stitch on the sides. I could stuff this entire thing back into the armoire. Transition points are dangerous places for my knitting.


Cristina said...

What happened to the empire waist idea? Anne B meets the Prince Regent, what?

Kay said...

Some waist shaping, kind of Empire-ish as Cristina suggests, but not too maternity-toppy. I like the idea of transitioning the center cable into ribbing? (Some kind of non-elastic ribbing so it doesn't pull in but you get those cool vertical lines?

This has all the cool of that Pringle without the bulk that nobody can wear or tolerate the warmth of. Wel done! No armoire!

Denim turtle. Wawa WEEwa! xo Kay