Thursday, August 23, 2007

Angry Chicken's Vera Napkins

Sometimes when I am stuck, I page through Amy Karol's quilts at Angry Chicken. They are full of wonderful ideas. Her sewing book, Bend-the-Rules Sewing is also full of wonderful ideas, with the directions attached. Kate, this is the book I was telling you about.

The Modern Table Runner pattern caught my eye because of the lovely Vera napkins she pieces into it. I love this post about inheriting Vera napkins and the way they smell. My Vera collection began with eight blue flowered napkins from my Aunt Toddy's stash. I have since collected more napkins, scarves, aprons and cups.

I'm going to use the Vintage Apron pattern to make some more Vera-esque aprons, and then I'm going to use the Artsy Clutch pattern to make a lunch meat cozy for shopping trips, substituting some of that oven mitt insulation for the flannel. When we set out to run our errands, I'll just slip in a freezer pack!

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Cristina said...

Lucky turkey!

Could you make me a Cristina-sized clutch to nap in?