Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Night Baking

I'm baking birthday cake tonight. I'll have to wrap up the layers and put them in the runcible bin. Hopefully in the morning I'll have some decorating ideas. We take our cakes very seriously around here - sometimes buying them at the bakery, and sometimes whipping them up ourselves. Above is a Katamari Damacy cake, skillfully put together by the young Lears, probably my favorite.

To the left is a Noguchi-esque Star Trek cake that Masse's put together from some images in the Star Trek Technical Manual. I think adding fire to any dessert makes it ten times better.

To the right are flowerpot cakes from an old Martha Stewart. We substituted shortbread crumbs to give them a sandy look and used rosemary sprigs from our yard. These pots are a little larger than those used in the original. I will have to try to throw some very tiny seedling pots - like those fancy French ones. Imagine a dessert table set up with all different sized pots with saucers beneath them - and one of those beautiful ceramic watering cans for the lemonade (another item for pottery class!)

We also used an old Martha for this garden cake. The vegetables are made from almond paste and the lettuces from pistachio paste. The Playmobil gardner here is horrified to find half his garden sliced away.


hyacinthgirl said...

you could eat the flowerpot cakes with a tiny shovel! adorable!

Cristina said...

A slice from that cake is like the Apocalypse from the gardener's point of view. Puts things into perspective, doesn't it. I feel a limerick coming on.

Nancy D. said...

I hope you are enjoying your pottery class as much as my daughters and I did. I use some of their pots to hold my handspun singles as I am plying them on my spinning wheel. Handmade goods from family members make life sweeter.

chili&vanilia said...

whohoo, I see, you have some serious kids around, those cakes look fantastic! Cheers, Zsofi