Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pendants and tiles and crochet

This terracotta tile of St. Thomas Becket being led away by knights hangs in our hallway. It's from the Black Dog of Wells - they make hundreds of different tiles. We have several from a stop at Salisbury Cathedral. I've been playing with the idea of knitting them into a curtain - like large beads in a macrame piece.

Emily Murphy's pottery blog has lovely pictures of the pendants she took to Burning Man posted on September 17. The way the cord is attached reminds me of the pull tab crochet in Craftzine. I'm thinking about a crocheted lace bag using small tiles or small dancing ladies, or a kitchen window of terracotta rings joined with freestyle hemp crochet. There are great opportunities combining large and small pieces of terracotta with knitted/crocheted lace! Imagine an outdoor piece that creates a lace and tile wall in the garden!

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