Saturday, September 15, 2007

Siemens pottery idea from Vienna

This is perhaps Siemens' greatest technological innovation: the crosswalk key. After pushing the button on the bottom, you run your fingers across this gold panel and discover that in the next 15 seconds you will cross a bike lane, 3 lanes of traffic coming from your left, 3 lanes of traffic coming from your right, 1 more bike lane and finally, sidewalk.

Last week in "Beginning Pottery", our teacher showed us how to take wet clay and squirt decorations from a mustard bottle, a great boon to my list of flat projects: tiles, hot plates, buttons, and belt buckles.

I am thinking of a hot plate based on the traffic patterns of DuPont Circle, or our walk to school, any memorable or every-day walk. It's time to use some of that Google Maps technology!

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Cristina said...

Italo Calvino Invisible Cities hotplates!