Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First Wednesday Homesick Drill and Beginning Pottery

The emergency sirens tested on the first Wednesday of the month sound exactly like the tornado sirens in St. Louis, and it makes me homesick. On this first Wednesday homesick drill, I would like to ask, "What the heck happened with Bissingers?" My friend Eleni tells me they moved, but she didn't have a chance to go in. Did they bring the little desk in the corner? Where else will customers get out a calling card and draw a line through their name and write a little message, before enclosing it in a tiny envelope and attaching it to the chocolates?

Today was also Beginning Pottery. I have 10 lbs of clay, a set of tools, a cubby, clay spatters on my jeans, and a huge shoulder ache.


Eleni said...

bissinger's was JUST in the riverfront times:

a rave review but the description "sleek new digs" does not bode well for our little writing desk.

and i can't wait to see the first pot!

Miss Cherry said...

The entire store inset of the "old" Bissinger's is headed, in fact and intact, to the Missouri History Museum! So you can go visit when you feel the need to escape sleek....(BYOC, I'm assuming).