Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Fine Art of Dressing

Cristina, when dreaming up a garment, the first thing I do is pick the shape. My favorite book for this is The Fine Art of Dressing by Margaux Tartarotti.

Six body types are outlined based on the shapes of women in paintings by Modigliani (pear shapes), Renoir (diamond shapes), Rubens (round shapes), the pop artists (hourglass shapes), Gauguin (inverted triangle), and Picasso (straight shape).

My Modigliani shape is enhanced by empire waists, maxi vests and cropped tops! It makes you think.

What shape are you?


Kay said...

I'm either a Picasso or a Rubens. You wouldn't think those two would be hard to tell apart. I'm a well-upholstered Picasso.

If Picassos are supposed to wear shapeless shmattas from Eileen Fisher, I've got it figured out.

xox Kay

Cristina said...

Renoir, but after the model has nursed two babies...

hyacinthgirl said...

I am more of an Edward Gorey shape. Small head, long skinny legs and torso. Apparently we look best in long black lace gowns with pointy-toed shoes and bobbed hair.

Pooch said...

I think of myself as an apple shape....Reubens sounds much more lovely.