Friday, September 14, 2007

A 28 by 42 inch opportunity

This frame presents a wonderful opportunity for our wall - a portrait, a landscape, a homescape! I'm not good with large surfaces. I like sharp thin felt tips and tiny scratchy writing. I draw from the wrist.

I think this calls for some photoshop, some of that cool sewers' "carbon" paper, and a great portrait that does not include a nose.

I saw a 1940s lady's portrait in a Country Home article once - they managed to work it into 3 different shots of the house. If I can find that page I think I'll make her my great aunt and attribute the bottlecapping equipment in the laundry to her.


Cristina said...

Inch by inch, Mrs Lear--you can still cover it with your ickle wee scratches. Think Sol LeWitt.

penelope said...

what if you did a tufte-ian design in your normal "from the wrist size" and then had it xeroxed really really big? i'm reminded of the first issue of blueprint with the oversized stamp and postcard.