Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Souvenirs of Summer

I've been thinking about the travel debris you find at the bottom of your bag after a trip that seems so exotic and romantic once you are home. Why not keep it there on the bottom of your bag forever preserved in laminate?
Linen Crafts by Florence Le Maux has an excellent idea for summer memories: the Souvenir Lamp is covered in a linen shade printed with vacation photos using transfer paper. The first time I saw Blade Runner I really wanted to make a lamp like the one Bryant keeps on his desk, this linen version is less x-ray-ish.

I had a bunch of our vacation photos made up into small cards at and then I hole- punched each one and slipped them on a string. Now they can be whipped out of my bag as soon as I hear the words, "what did you do this summer?"

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kelli ann said...

mrs. lear, you post faster than i can think. this is brilliant!!