Thursday, August 2, 2007

Cafe Sans Souci Tiles

In the July 2006 issue of World of Interiors there is an article about Rezo Gabriadze's Cafe Sans Souci in Tbilisi: "The Good of Small Things" by Susan Richards, photographed by Ianthe Ruthven. They tell the story of how Rezo created the cafe from hand-painted tiles and recycled furniture. This bit here to the left grabs me every time I leaf through the issue. I think it would make the most wonderful scarf. It could be done in golds and oranges and browns like this or blues and greens and turquoise. I suppose I would knit it flat and back it with a patchwork of velvet blocks. Blue blocks for the gold one and copper blocks for the turquoise. I love how the background color would change with each "tile" as well as the vine pattern, sometimes skinny and sometimes fat. After 12 or so "tiles" I would arrange them on the floor and crochet them together.

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