Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Game Quilt

I have been thinking about homemade games a lot since Maker Faire back in May. The game pictured below on the right is kind of like Candy Land with a simultaneous hand of Gin. But the book below left, Banners and Hangings by Norman Laliberte and Sterling McIlhany, has me thinking about quilted game boards.

There is a section on banners at a carnival, a lot of pin the tail on the donkey types and a handkerchief game. I like the idea of hiding things in pockets, so when you land on that space you can take out a prize. Imagine a huge toddler game blanket along the lines of of those cloth activity books, or a grand and goofy Candy Land kind of game for pre-schoolers, a maze blanket for driving cars upon.

Cloth Paper Scissors (Jan/Feb 2007) had an article about making a personalized game - I like that idea spread out upon a blanket with some iron-ons and a lot of embroidery. Imagine a birthday party hidden behind a huge quilt hung in the archway - and as the honoree walks up to the quilt in great surprise they hear the guests behind it start to sing.

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