Friday, August 10, 2007

Into the bin

I'm sweeping this all into the runcible bin. Hopefully there will be a good idea come Monday. The Cool Corder has changed how we feel about spool knitting around here - a summer's worth of icord in an afternoon. This page from Marie Claire Idees showing the tulip on the pine table has me thinking about tatooing my own ornate silverware onto the table. And the FT article caught my eye because it is on the same page as Martin Lukes! The paragraph that caught me:

"Mr. Head, a clothing specialist whose 32 years in the industry have seen him "do everything from Beefeater uniforms for the Tower of London to chemical warfare suits", drew on such experiences to develop Silk Touch."
There's also a small beehive almond paste mold from Vienna. I want to make a beehive of gold icord.

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