Thursday, August 9, 2007

Pringle Autumn/Winter 2007

I have this on my projects list from Pringle's Fall line. I like how it simplifies the top of a coat and lets you hide your nose against the cold. My ideal would be to find a blue coat and knit a matching blue topper in wool mixed with silk.


kay said...

I have to go pick out a coat and DO this. Love it. So NOT a poncho.

Let's give it a name. A neck-cho. A nacho poncho!

Well, let's not give it a name.

Anonymous said...

Wow -- Pringle was unknown to me. Very cool stuff. Much better than one of those little neck cozy things that squish down and do absoutely no good.

Neat blog!

Kate said...

Remember when I tried something similar to this? It was my first completed knitted project. I made it to wear over sweaters. What was the book? You gave it to me....ack. I still love it, but I did not size it well -- it does not lay like I would like. I think one for over the top of a coat would be outstanding -- to keep the wind off the part of your neck that the scarf never covers.

Mrs. Lear said...

That was Sally Melville's "Book 1, The Knit Stitch", such a great book. I think we should try this one with separate cables of different lengths. We'll use seaming stitches and blocking to coax it into shape.