Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Man Looses Mind at Purl Patchwork

I know you all recognize this shop simply from the light aqua paint around the door! Mr. Lear is in New York this week and used his precious free time to visit Purl Patchwork. From our phone conversation, it sounds as though he was overcome. Usually when people are overcome by too much fiber, they dart out into the street exclaiming they need air. Instead, it sounds like he darted around the shop scooping up Nani Iro!

The last time we were in a fabric store together was 1986, in the back of the Laura Ashley at Frontenac Plaza where I bought one half yard to make a pillow for my dorm room! (It was worth every penny - pillow is still going strong.) I don't even know if he knows about yardage. That's how wonderful Purl must be, they can take a mild-mannered gamer on an errand and turn him into a fabric fiend! Thank you Purl Patchwork!


Mr. Lear said...

I forgot to tell you that I left the shopkeepers shocked when I correctly identified the Liberty frog on their cash register.

hyacinthgirl said...

had no idea such a fab store was here in nyc! can't wait to go now. thanks mrs. lear. love the posts!

Heather in Atlanta said...

I was in New York in June, but after dragging my husband to the Purl yarn store (a couple of doors down0 - not once but twice - I didn't dare make him go into the fabric store. Your husband is swell to go there for you unescorted!