Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Kaffe Fassett in Bloomsbury

I've been looking forward to Kaffe Fassett's new knitting book for a long time, but when I saw the UK cover featured in an article in the new Rowan 42 I just went bannanas. I adore Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell's paintings and needlepoint pillows of Charleston. I am certain that one day I will have a needlepointed day bed just like Duncan's featured on the cover. They have beautifully swapped out his pink and white polka dot pillow for Kaffe's. I have made three of the pillows from detailed instructions in Melinda Coss's book Bloomsbury in Needlepoint.

I have this fantasy of needlepointing all of Vanessa's book cover illustrations and making them into pillows so that you can throw yourself down on the couch and prop your head up on "Mrs. Dalloway" and squeeze "To the Lighthouse". I think I would use bits of cream corduroy along the edges to look like pages.

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Kay said...

You are KILLING ME. The book covers are too good, and wow Kaffe scored a great location. xo Kay