Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Altered Knitting Book

The book is quite slim. The hands on the cover are about to purl continental style, which is how I hold the yarn. I want to find wonderful endpapers - worthy of a Persephone Book. Maybe I will fill it with graph paper.


Cristina said...

The springs at the side suggest an inner spring binding--you could sew that in after putting some holes in the spine.

There was a Ms. Lear with a drill
who onto her Pringle did spill
one squidful of ink and as quick as a wink
disappeared--(that Ms. Lear and her drill).

If you dare.

Mrs. Lear said...

Holes in the spine! Drills! I can barely manage snipping out the signatures, and that's because I'm using the pretty pocket knife! Deep breath. I'm going to google inner spring binding.