Saturday, August 4, 2007

Seherezade meets Signore Bialetti

We brought home this kavefozo from Budapest. The box says her name is Seherezade. She is pictured here with Signore Bialetti our other stove-top espresso maker. I am wondering if she noticed the Dali-esque knob on Signore's head - the result of an oven-cleaning oversight. What she doesn't know is that this is the second Signore. His predecesor behind the panetonne pans suffered a fatal accident by fire. We are keeping him in case we should need parts for the current Signore. I have to come up with a potholder/cozy for her ceramic pot so we can bring her to the table in style, something that won't slip. Her handle gets very hot. I must haul out the Marie Claire Idees for this!

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chili&vanilia said...

it's so funny, I have exactly these two espresso makers:)