Saturday, January 5, 2008

Who's afraid of their big white refrigerator?

In November our frig died and was quickly replaced with a wide white replica. (I long for this mini-frig in Blueprint's kitchen makeover story.) I've been going through all my Charleston books looking for something bright with a plate of fruit, but on Friday when I opened my paint box I only had browns, a frumpy green and a molded orange, so I chose one of Vanessa Bell's book covers. I think this will change a lot. I also have the sides to play with. The cabinets bother me now.


Anonymous said...

How cool! No pun intended, seeing as it is a refrigerator!
So that is your new fridge? it opens like a book and now looks like a book as well. Genius!
You are so creative, Mrs. Lear!

Kay said...

I love this. You've got huevos, gal. And I don't just mean in the fridge!

"Hi Honey, I painted the fridge!"

I love the design you chose and a book cover is brilliant for a fridge (provided it's not a side-by-side, of course), but if you get tired of it you could use that little flower in vase that you made into a needlepoint canvas for me! That was on a door, right?

Really in awe of you.

xo Kay

tina said...

I just freakin' need to give up sleep. Totally.