Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another Noro stripey scarf

I can't stop knitting these. This one is a challenge because it is made up of bits, not four whole skeins. I've been thinking about a knitting game group project where everyone receives bags of yarn and multi-sided dice. You roll the dice and knit for so many rows in such and such a color.


heather t said...

I love that idea! Reminds me of this sweater pattern at Knitty:


Not my design, but I wish it was!

Lesley said...

Is it a pain, though, to have to sew in all the ends? Or do you have some technique for knitting them in as you go? I do love Noro - I've used only Kureyon, and it was a joy to hold in my hands.

kelli ann said...

what a game that would be!! i'd sign up for sure:: (nice scarf, too--)

kelli ann said...

(p.s. thanks for the link to the sweater, heather t:: those cables are crazy! crazy-good!)