Friday, January 4, 2008

Trooping of Colour

My Mom gave me these tiny figures of the Queen and a soldier for Christmas. I have a picture of Elizabeth II on her horse riding just so in 1981 for the Trooping of Colour when someone fired blank shots at her and scared her horse. She was so regal comforting her horse.

I also have a picture of Sgt Henry from a later Trooping of Colour, 2000 maybe. As a family we stumbled upon the rehearsal of the parade which is twice as good as the official parade with no crowds. The high point for us came when a soldier whipped out a huge wooden compass and began measuring the spaces between the rows of the marching band. At that point everything stopped and they called out for Sgt. Henry to get his men in order! I fell in love with Sgt. Henry because he did not yell and scream at his people dressed in all that fur and wool in the middle of June. At one point he palmed a soldier standing at attention a mint, I'm sure it was a Wintogreen Lifesaver.

I am writng up an idea coupon to make little shadow boxes with these figures and my old photos.

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misce said...

yes - brilliant idea! e and i have been planning an origami shadow box these past few days. so far we have giraffe and a squishy looking crane. we need way more practice.