Thursday, January 3, 2008

Expires 2008

I count three expired Peet's coffee coupons in my pocket! I should make idea coupons for 2008, ideas I need to redeem before 2009 - slipcover a chair in a piecework kind of thing, institute taco night with crockpot mole chicken, create a secret closet, create a carrel, bowl. 2008 ideas, redeemable before December 31, 2008.


Kay said...

Welcome back!

I love the idea of crafty coupons for 2008.

"One 24-hour baby quilt of your choice."

"Make one pattern from the Purl Bee."

That sort of thing.

I love my carrel so much. Do that! xo Kay

Max said...

I think you should take those over to Peet's, see if they'll cut you a little slack. They seem really nice like that :)

Good idea though! Will you keep them in your pocket?

Finally: your stove is blinding me. I may have to emulate you. Or show this picture to my husband and see if it inspires him...