Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Damask and an icebox canvas

I keep trying this on and slouching, hoping I can start the ribbing. I have about an inch to go and then 2 inches of ribbing. The new fridge was delivered yesterday. It is so very white. It is begging for a Charleston makeover. I am looking through my books for inspiration.


Kay said...

I think a cozy is called for.

How about a big canvas runner that goes over the top and down both sides, and has lots of pockets on the sides and windows/frames to slip in postcards, pictures and art?

Machine washable of course. I don't know what you do about the front but I would think something magnetic?

I went and WRECKED my fridge situation by getting it built into a fake cabinet front. xox Kay PS I can't say anything about Damask because I'm just in awe.

Teresa said...

I do hope you keep us posted as your makeover your fridge. Sounds fascinating.

kelli ann said...

that Kay! she beat me to posting about making a fridge cozy. insane. hope you're having a gorgeous thanksgiving.