Saturday, December 22, 2007

Oilcloth apron

Here's a last-minute oilcloth apron, a child-size version of Martha's gardener's apron. My favorite oilcloth was the boat blueprint pattern, but I bought the wild and bright orange floral. It will make a lovely apron.

Merry Christmas! I will post again in the new year!


Eleni said...

that turned out so well! it will look wonderful all spattered with cake batter or melted chocolate and/or dirt.

i can't wait to see what marvelous things the lears are up to in the new year!

Marie said...

I have to be careful about visiting this site - so much inspiration makes it hard for me to focus on my current projects!

Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and Merry Christmas!

BTW you mention you want a good shortbread recipe - I have made many from Martha's collection but the brown sugar version is the best!