Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vanilla malt and chocolate swirl

Yesterday we made malt ice cream from The Perfect Scoop and today we blended it with the leftover bittersweet chocolate ice cream! O it was so good. Today's flavor will be ginger, this time with chocolate swirls. We are planning a birthday cake based on a scene from Carbonel. This will require thin sheets of marzipan and all the Playmobil cats in the house.

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dale-harriet said...

PLAYMOBIL??? You have Playmobil? Oh I LOVE Playmobil. (OK, you got me - I'll admit it: I'm 65, have LOTS of Playmobil, and darn it! I play with them!) Nice to find another fan. (I know, not related to knitting or anything but what the hey?) I'm gathering a set of two of each kind of animal Playmobil makes for a sort of ark deal!