Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sit and brew some more

We are home again, and the wine has been fermenting for 2 weeks. After a few sips it leaves a heavy sweet feeling in the bottom of your stomach. Every time the jug catches my eye or I hear it burp, I feel that heavy sweet lump in my stomach - horrid.

Our first night in St. Louis was my favorite - we sat outside Llywelyns drinking a local beer called O'Fallon Wheach and watching fireworks over Old Webster. The O'Fallon Brewery does not distribute their beers in California, or own Clydesdales. Sunday's news that Anheuser-Busch is now owned by InBev brought up familiar discussions about what local means. Thankfully, Sonoma and Napa are local, and I don't have to drink my own honey wine.


Kay said...

That was extremely vivid.

Here's to local brews, but perhaps not too local.

(LOL) Kay

tina said...

Hope your trip to home base here in STL was lovely------ wish you would have given me notice, I'd have bought you a pint!