Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bubbly soda scarf

I'm back to working on my summer soda scarf. This will be the silk and mohair version of Jessica Prentice's Hibiscus Rosehip soda from Full Moon Feast. A while back, Kay reminded me of Ann's Bubbly Curtain in Mason-Dixon Knitting. It's brilliant - easy to scale down to scarf size, easy to knit. Here's the first part, unblocked. After a few more feet of bubbles, I'm going to try the Bottles pattern from one of Walker's books. For the next scarf I'd like to start in the middle with a provisional cast on and knit to the ends.


Cristina said...

It's gorgeous! It's making my nose tickle.

gillie said...

I love the colours (it would match my socks!)

Totally unrelated. You asked about my rosemary vinegar. The jar with the shop bought white wine vinegar is lovely. The jar with the homegrown red wine vinegar was vile beyond belief :)

miscelenious said...

i love the-hiccup-bubbles1