Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blue mole tie

We had an end of year shindig this afternoon - it was the perfect blue mole tie event. I would like to do a sweater filled with some of these creature drawings - before said artist is too old for that kind of thing.


Sel and Poivre said...

Brilliant - does he love it? He must!

Cristina said...

Superfantastic! Happy last day of school!

tina said...

The tie is the cutest----- almost as cute as the gentleman wearing it!

Happy Beginning of Summer!

Kay said...

Who's your photo stylist?

This could be the first knitted star-nosed mole, you know. That's HUGE. Why are you so nonchalant? It's HUGE!

I also think it would look cute on a grownup guy, just saying.

Mary Jane said...

I just found you via Christina. I think there could be almost nothing better than a Blue Mole Tie. I made my son wee snake slippers way back in his waldorf days...but this mole, takes my breath away. And yeah, what kay said!