Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Seducing Dr. Lewis

Netflix suggested this dvd - I think because I liked Waking Ned Devine (small village pulls together) and Slings and Arrows (Canadian comedy). The knitting was good - esp. a gansey Germain wears in an oatmeal color with bits of rust in it - I would use Blackwater Abbey's bracken worsted weight.

I've been looking at the Hanami stoles on Ravelry and thinking I could manage a scarf version. The cherry blossoms make me think of carbonation bubbles or fermentation bubbles as in a rootbeer scarf, or lemon mint soda scarf. Aha! I've just downloaded the pattern and in Melanie's notes section I see she discusses champagne bubbles and rain and gives directions for just bubbles and drops! I'm there.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Bubble Curtain!

I never started my Hanami because I got hung up on the basketweave (low motivation at the time). Can't wait to see yours!


Cristina said...

Speaking of fermentation have you tried kombucha "the beer of tea" yet? I predict you'll be making it yourself and posting about it here soon (please).

Lynn said...

I'm a few repeats into Hanami (have been for months, actually). It's my first lace and perhaps black cashmere lace weight wasn't the best choice. I really, really want to wear it though, so I'll get there!