Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Burnt embers preserves

"Those hours that with gentle work did frame" sped by this weekend as this scarf knit up. Needing a teacher gift, I looked back at what Kay made this past December and really liked her mistake rib scarf from the chunky Misti Alpaca. I think this is called burnt embers. I need one of these. It needs a little blocking and then I'm stuffing it in a big jar - I'm putting it up, preserving it, or preserving part of the school year. I have some wonderful beeswax that would look lovely against this color and make it smell so good. Blue/grey river stones would be nice too. I'm still working this out. I have time.


Karen said...

I'm hoping you'll post a photo of the 'preserved' scarf in the jar - what a terrific idea - teachers must look forward to your gifts. Your mention of beeswax had me suddenly seeing it as a sealant on top of the scarf - then thought...."naw....." so now am wondering just how you intend to include it. And nice to have a trek back to Mason Dixon land.

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about a scarf just like that in grey. How much Misty alpaca??


Mrs. Lear said...

Used all of 3 skeins, came out 84" long and about 6.5" wide.