Monday, June 30, 2008

More ice cream than you can handle

This is David Lebovitz's White Chocolate and Fresh Ginger Ice Cream. This is my first really good homemade ice cream made from custard. I am working my way through the ice cream recipes on his blog (The Perfect Scoop is on hold at the library, I think I'm next in line.) I had already used the ice cream maker to make a raspberry frozen yogurt, so I made this batch in a casserole dish in the freezer according to his directions.

The plum honey wine is bubbling slightly. It smells wonderful. I need more gallon containers and more air locks.


Kay said...

Sorry if you've told this already but what is your ice cream maker?

Must get one of these.

(Still holding strong on not making WINE AT HOME, however.)


tina said...

I agree with Kay, good grief if I made wine at home soon I'd be sitting in the bathtub with the 'still' and knitting crazy patterns.

This would not be good.

However, I am actually willing to take the risk by becoming the maven of all things ice cream.

I have one of those freezer insert ice cream makers, do you think it would suffice???

Katie said...

I made mint ice-cream (from fresh mint) from custard last week, and it was really delicious. It's hard to beat made-from-custard home-made ice cream.

Susan B said...

I went to Ted Drewes in your honor

Anonymous said...

Ah, the noble pursuits of summer. Carry on!