Friday, March 7, 2008

Summer of the White Turtle

I'm starting down the front now. I hope this works out. I think some little white seashell buttons would be nice on the cuffs. There has been a request for a denim sweater with a white turtle on it. I am thinking of calling it: "Summer of the White Turtle." I'm going to throw the denim into the runcible bin with some white sea turtle articles and that children's book where they mistake the sea turtle for the full moon. Maybe it should be "Turtle Moon Summer"? I'm going to have to get my in-house art dept on this over the weekend.


Max said...

Oh, denim yarn is so lovely to look at!

Have you seen Mayumi Oda's sea turtles? Her ocean pictures are wonderful...

Kay said...

If I were going to do a turtle on denim, I'd ask Cristina to draw a turtle as if she were doing it for a lino print, and then I'd transfer that to graph paper.

Remember to use a dye magnet on the first wash so the turtle doesn't turn blue.

xo Kay