Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ivies and vines

Thank you for the good ideas for windows! Lucy's ivy comment reminded me I have this book with a wonderful chapter on ivies indoors, beginning with the Victorians. I've also been reading Charles Keeler's The Simple Home. I would like to adapt some of the turn of the century Arts and Crafts styles he describes. Actually, I would like to move into his house, or any of his friend Bernard Maybeck's homes. I have a crush on one that I am trying to squelch. It is deep and dark with redwood paneling and fireplaces and balconies. There is an old picture of it with large palm trees planted in front.

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miscelenious said...

We can always make vines out of paper. No watering involved.

Ah Maybeck...if you go to Grubb's website and look under Berkeley open homes you'll see a lovely 1920's Ratcliff. It's perfect save for the price.