Thursday, March 13, 2008

Green socks and soup

I need to make some St. Patrick's Day socks - this green yarn goes in the runcible bin. I don't have anything Irish to throw in with it. I'm afraid if I throw in Seamus Heaney's Beowulf it will come out all Anglo-Saxon. I can't find my claddagh ring. The Irish wool is hybernating. I'm throwing in McCann's Irish oats.

In the pottery studio, I am in the soup and cereal bowl stage. I am slowly replacing our plates and bowls with my own.


Cristina said...

Put Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal in there and see what happens.

dale-harriet said...

Perhaps a VHS tape of "Braveheart"? I LOVE seeing your bowls. I'm all about bowls, I love them- collect them, admire them, USE them. My formal dishes are "Eclectic" by St. Vinnie -- but I have some lovely bowls; I enjoy seeing yours in your pictures. (Occasionally I use my "bowl diet" - not a weight-loss plan, although you do: what you do is eat every meal out of your 'pet bowl'. Necessitates eating one thing at a time, and slowly, thereby relishing and enjoying it - so you fill up sooner.) Keep bowling!

hyacinthgirl said...

Your bowls are beautiful! A friend of mine does pottery and donated a gorgeous bowl to a theatre benefit I threw a few years ago. My boss at the time fell in love with the bowl and was determined to win it at the silent auction. She won the bowl and used it at home to hold her collection of coins from her travels around the world. It was gorgeous and just jumped out at you with all the shiny gold and silver inside! I thought it was a great way to both showcase a fun colection and turn those leftover foreign coins into a centerpiece.

Thanks for all the lovely posts!