Wednesday, March 5, 2008

First Wednesday Homesick Drill

I did not hear the emergency siren drill last month, but I hear it now and I'm homesick for St. Louis. This is the snowstorm that hit the street I grew up on yesterday. It's early Spring when California seems farthest from Missouri. The crabapple tree outside my kitchen is about to bloom, and when the wind blows pink plum blossoms fly across the window like someone's just been married in my backyard. I miss St. Louis snow days.

I did make a happy St. Louis discovery lately, a new way to feed my sock yarn obsession: the Loopy Ewe. I love the search by color option!


miscelenious said...

i can't believe there's so much snow there in march! remember the '82 blizzard when we had ALL those snow days? but i bet all our people back there are wishing they could see the plum blossoms about now.

tina said...

Another St. Louis girl! It is actually quite amazing how many are 'out there' in blogland!!!

You might have missed it but the snow was a dreadful mess yesterday and today with weather far warmer than they expected it is a sloshy, puddly (as in huge no where for water to go puddly), ghastly mess.

I did drive by Ted Drewes today and spied quite a line outside the store, that must surely mean that spring is coming!!!

Barbara-Kay said...

Love the Loopy Ewe: fastest service on the planet! Makes Knit Picks look like the Pony Express!

I patronize both, but am Loopy about that St. Louis store!

gillie said...

I've never been to St Louis, but one of my favourite films is "Meet me in St Louis". I suspect it bears no ressemblance to the real place and you all get mighty fed up with it. But that scene when the littlest daughter breaks all the snowmen is still one of my all time favourites and I can get very nostalgic about a place I have never visited .... perhaps one day:)

Berrysmom said...

Honey, some of us who haven't seen blue sky in months and are damn sick and tired of going outside dressed as the Michelin Tire man would give an arm and a leg to see those plum blossom petals about now.

And can you believe we're going onto Daylight Savings Time this weekend? Feh! Whose dumb idea was it to do that in the middle of winter?