Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gansey progress

I'm still only one skein into the alpaca wool gansey. I continue to hang on the door of my armoire and stare at the yarn. I am donating most of my single skeins to charity, leaving only things I want to swatch. I have frogged a jacket that looked all wrong. My stash is mostly things that did not work out and leftovers, and I need to change this.


gillie said...

It is encouraging to a baby knitter like me that even grown up knitters have UFOs!

Is there are tradition of Ganseys in the US or is it a British import? I had a friend at university who was Polish but his mother took to knitting Ganseys and Fair Isles like they were going out of fashion ... we were always well kitted out and very warm. I still have several and they will probably still be going strong by the time my great grandchildren come along!

Mrs. Lear said...

What a wonderful story! Isn't the idea of sweaters that last ages so comforting? I have only heard of gansey/guernsey patterns from the UK - but I am trying to create one with patterns based on my own life (as opposed to a fisherman's) that includes a crosswalk and pottery wheels.