Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Primary colors

I love Irene Williams' "Housetop Variation" from the Quilts of Gee's Bend. I always wish I had something patriotic to wear on voting days - a crazy fair isle vote! vote! vote! vest with some suffragette silhouettes. Maybe I could crank out some vote!vote!vote! socks by November?

To celebrate this important voting day with song, listen to a bit of Schoolhouse Rock's Sufferin' Till Sufferage - listen to them all!


tina said...

VOTE SOCKS!!!!! What a great idea!!! Wonderful in fact!

Of course November MIGHT be chilly enough for a scarf in a lacy pattern of suffragettes!!! That could work too!

misce said...

singing schoolhouse rock poetry mittens! i'm just a bill, yes i'm only a bill...

Cristina said...

Lolly lolly lolly get your adverbs here!


Kay said...

Gosh that adverb thing is surely cool.

I was too old for Schoolhouse Rock (sob!).

But I was the right age to have had a pair of ELEPHANT LEG PANTS in that vote fabric. 1972? Pretty sure. By 1976 I was wearing unhemmed jeans. Every time I see that quilt I remember elephant legs, one of the few fads of the 70s to not be revived (or at least not widely revived). (No pun intended.)

xox Kay

Katie said...

I love this quilt (and pretty much all the other Gee's Bend Quilts).