Monday, February 4, 2008

New Threads

The Threads article on Charles Kleibacker is really wonderful. I like his drawstring necklines with empire waists. There's also an article on cutting your sleeves on the bias. I have that old issue where they show you step by step how to cover yourself in duct tape and make a custom mannequin. I should do that every 7 years like the cicadas.


Cristina said...

Sounds like an olde tyme slimming technique--better consult the America Duct Tape Council.

OldRound said...

rofL. Really I'm just laughing. But you wouldn't know what I meant if I left a post that simply said "L"

Kate said...

I did that but with plaster strips rather than duct tape. I should have done duct tape. My form ended up kind of flat.