Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hundertwasser socks

Finished up another Noro scarf listening to the The Egypt Game with the Thursday readers. When we walk around the University I am always on the lookout for neighborhood landmarks in the book. I'm working on a free as you go sock with the Hundertwasser yarn. I need some yarn for the Harry Potter socks from Charmed Knits. Somewhere out there is a quote from Hundertwasser himself on wearing socks that are each individual expressions of art (mismatched). I think he would approve of Harry's socks, one green and one red. I'm going to have to use something a little semi-solid for the backgrounds and maybe some of that glittery yarn for the gold snitches?


Karen said...

What do you mean "Hundertwasser yarn"? Your own yarn or a glad combination or... He 'jumps off the shelf' for me at the library on occasion - did so a week ago so interesting to see you mention him in your post. I love synchronizity! And I love the freedom of 'individual' socks - am working on a pair at the moment.

Katie said...

I second Karen's question. Gorgeous colors.

Mrs. Lear said...

This web site showcases all the colors: