Friday, February 29, 2008

Guernsey-ish thing

I really love the Scarborough guernsey in Gladys Thompson's book. The child's sample is simply a double seedstitch yoke with some steps along the edges. It is the inspiration for my Lana d'Oro wool/alpaca smock - very heathered and drapey. This is a sturdy linen stitch for the yoke, the rest will be plain stockinette. I'm following Barbara Walker's directions for knitting from the top: a provisional caston, a few short rows, then knitting down to the start of the armhole.

I am still thinking of a more traditional gansey - in a worsted-spun, 4 ply sport weight blue wool. I'm going to do a crosswalk pattern and a pottery wheel, but I'm not sure what else. And I need to use up that Rowan denim on some more ganseys for the chums. And now that Elann has the black denim, I need to do something all washed out and gray. I feel myself drifting into a gansey period.


Katie said...

I really, really love the stitch pattern here. What is it?

Mrs. Lear said...

This is Fancy Herringbone from Walker's Third Treasury, but there are several similar stitches in the back there.