Friday, December 21, 2007

Gingerbread ideas

I'm pretty sure this is poor Thomas Becket being led off by the king's knights, not a very Christmas-y scene. These small terracotta medallions remind me of creative and historical gingerbread. The kind that comes out of wooden molds. I need to find a great gingerbread recipe that will work with molds and not taste like a Marie Claire Idees cardboard craft. On a tour of Hampton Court, I learned that Queen Elizabeth had an entire kitchen dedicated to gingerbread.

Next Christmas I intend to focus on gingerbread. Imagine gingerbread mittens and a gingerbread sweater with red beads and the tiniest bit of silky white icord. I could take one of those St. Nicholaus molds and make ceramic medallions that look like little cookies with a nibble out of the corner and have everyone wear them around their necks on December 6 on red silk cord. I'm going to have to go google medieval gingerbread now.

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tina said...

Wow. Medieval gingerbread.

I think you need my cocktail recipe for Candy Cane martini's.

The other side of course is that YOU WILL do something magnificent with gingerbread, medieval or otherwise.