Saturday, December 8, 2007

Nosegay aprons

Found it, appropriately enough, in a box with the very first xeroxed and stapled issue of Bitch! This is the Everywoman's May 1954 'how to' project - 1/2 yard of tulle, 1-1/2 yards of ribbon and plastic flowers. I was thinking of doing a tonal stencil thing. Eleni, you could do an art deco martini glass thing and add sequins. I've had my heart set on plastic poinsettias, but a winter constellation accented with rhinestones on dark blue would be lovely, pink tulle with white poinsettias and gold bead centers or silver tulle and pink poinsettias with pink velvet ties would be sweet. And I keep seeing a deep golden yellow with white pompoms or white glittery snow flakes and a vintage Santa and his sleigh pin - over jeans.


Eleni said...

i have some navy blue tulle stashed in the closet! it would look beautiful with a fuschia velvet ribbon. and a resounding yes to the martini glass apron. it could keep the pink elephants with champagne apron company.

Cristina said...

burnished velvet! why not?

Kay said...

Those are some hot chiquitas in their capris & heels. Since these aprons are so nonfunctional is it any wonder that they look kind of naughty?

Be careful now!

xo Kay