Saturday, December 15, 2007

Crosspatch progress

I'm a just a few rows short of finishing the back of the Crosspatch vest. The small dog coat, Aunt Elaine, did not go well today. Bias tape trim is my enemy. The fancy retro dishtowels, did not go well today. Inkjet iron-on papers are my enemy. There is a bad craft vibe all across the diningroom and kitchen. I'm going into the livingroom to knit with Johnny Cash.


Katie said...

oh no! It does not sound like a good day. Hope that the knitting + Johnny Cash is faring better.

Anonymous said...

I am CRUSHED to hear this news of the retro towels.

I really need to find my rubber stamp that lets you "set" 4 lines of magnetic rubber letters as type. This would work for, I don't know, applesauce? I also love the idea of just writing in your own fair hand with a fabric marker.


xo Kay

Kate said...

I hope you can work out the towels! I loved your idea so much, I ordered towels and transfer paper to make gifts with my grandpa's bread recipes. I'm still waiting for the transfer paper to arrive in the mail. Yikes!