Friday, December 7, 2007

Bath bombs

I tried the bath bomb recipe in an old Martha Stewart Holiday Crafts magazine. They smell quite nice but they don't fizz for that long. They didn't come out of the molds either. Eleni, I'm going to try the advice in this version of the recipe and let them dry out in a towel and line the molds with tin foil or saran wrap. We used 4 drops of grapefruit and 2 drops of sweet grass in the first batch, maybe I'll switch to roses and lavender for the next one. Maybe I should use my 1 pint ice cream mold instead of these tiny 1/4 cup molds. I once added 2 c. of baking soda to a pitcher of lemon juice (thinking it was bakers' sugar) and that was some explosion - that's what I'm looking for - angel food cake pan sized bath fizzies!


Kay said...

Grapefruit? Sweet grass? Come on in, the water's FINE. xo Kay

Eleni said...

hmmm...i wonder if adding the oil to the baking soda does something like prevent pre-fizzies while mixing. what do you think would happen if the water was replaced with the carbonated variety?