Friday, November 30, 2007

Unearthing Irish knit coats

There is a chest of drawers here full of scarves and sweaters and softball gloves and leftover computer hardware. Around this time of year we dig through it when we are cold. This year, a lucky small Lear will wear the mini-Elizabeth Zimmerman Irish knit coat. Somewhere I have two prehistoric fish carved from ancient dinosaur bone (sculpey). These will become toggles.

At the hat shop I saw beautiful vintage postcards with cityscapes decorated with glitter that said Happy Holidays. I love this idea. Any old postcard scene can be turned into Christmas with a little well-placed glitter and glue!


Kay said...

I think it is obvious that we need to see these postcards.

I am still searching for an online source of the kitchen toweling fabric. Why is this so hard to find?
I keep coming up with terry cloth hits. Now I'm going to google linen toweling and see what that yields.

xoxoox Kay

Cristina said...

I have a five pound bag of German glitter I got from Martha by Mail when it was still extant. Let me know if you want some. It's clear sparkly.