Monday, November 26, 2007

Crosspatch vest

I've been trying the Crosspatch vest from Kaffe Knits Again a couple different ways. The scarf swatch I did was 3 across, and that's about as many as I can manage. I tried a version skipping the vertical stripes, but I don't like the way they look embroidered on afterwards. So I'm down to trying one flag at a time, from the waist to the shoulder. I don't know if this project is going to make it off the swatch table.


penelope said...

great color combinations! but i can certainly understand the impending knit fatigue. i'm wondering if it could be incorporated into a rugby; crosspatch instead of stripes?

Kay said...

I did the "Native" sweater from an old Rowan in strips like that. It was pretty easy because you knit most of them straight and just did the armhole shaping on two of them.

I love the way this looks so much that I'm dying to see you solve it.

I just remembered that I also did a Kaffe stripey pattern (vertical and horizontal) from the Pattern Library, I think it was "Roman Stripes", in strips. That's in my own Runcible Bin awaiting further instructions from God. xoxo Kay