Saturday, November 3, 2007

Basket book

I've been working on baskets today. I keep a lot of #2 and #4 reed on top of the armoire so when out of the blue I need a toothbrush basket, it's there. I use Mara Cary's Useful Baskets, a pair of kitchen scissors and a dishpan of warm water. Coffee or tea is helpful.

I'm planning a wash basket that can be stenciled. A long time ago I saw a college laundry basket stenciled in black with a house name and then a string of room numbers. I love that combination of reed and stencil - not tulips, not Easter bunnies - harsh black numbers.

One day, I'll be able to throw teapots on the wheel and I will weave them reed handles with a set of reed-handled cups. I'm still making olive pit bowls.


Marie said...

I've just found your blog the other day and have enjoyed it immensely.

Your comment re tea pots with reed handles" is so great. My daily outlook is crammed with similar creative ambitions for "one day..."!

Teresa said...

Love your baskets. I have made a couple of baskets and enjoyed it tremendously. One of the many things I would like to do more of.

Cristina said...

What is a teapot but a closed-form olive pit bowl with a spout, an (sic) handle and a top?

Kay said...

These are good rules, Mrs. Lear: "no tulips, no Easter Bunnies." I hope you do make that stencilled basket. Ultra cool. Very Japanese.

xox Kay