Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Chair weaving

Ten years or so ago, we were picking our way through Urban Ore when we found two lovely chairs for $10, one with an interesting seat that needed some repair. The kind man at the Caning Shop told us we had a Hans Wagner and insisted we buy Danish cord to repair it. A decade later, the entire seat needs replacing. I've just run out of cord, but I am looking forward to buying more and redoing the knock-off as well. My side wraps are a little loose and I'm miserable at loosening the L-hooks, but I bet after six more of these I'd be pretty good. I am going to look at chairs with busted seats in a whole new way now.


kelli ann said...

mrs. lear, you kick butt. er, chair seat. excellent job!!

Kay said...

I'm awed. (Also odd.)

Not just ("just"?) the weaving of the seat, but the buying of the chair for 10 dollars. Why do people give this stuff away? Thank goodness they do!

xox Kay

Cristina said...

That looks like fun and I'm not being a wiseguy (for a change).

Katie said...

I'm no expert, but I think that what you've done so far looks great! So cool that you're doing this yourself.