Monday, February 2, 2009

Mustgo meringues

For my grandma and grandpa, Thursday night was Muscow night. I never understood what a smorgasboard of leftovers had to do with the a strange country called Muscow. It was only later that I realized they were saying "Must Go" night. We usually celebrate Muscow Night on Fridays when we make homemade pizza with leftover salami, cheese, olives, and vegetables.

These are Muscow Meringues. The egg whites are leftover from ice cream making and the candied fruits and raisins and almonds are from nooks and crannies in the frig and cabinet. When I grew tired of spooning out little blobs, I threw some coffee concentrate into the bowl, gave it a mix, and plunked the whole thing out on a cookie sheet as a giganto flat meringue. I hope this ends up as some kind of Pavlova thing.


Kay said...

Or crumble them into parfaits. MMmmm.

PICAdrienne said...

We have Cotr (pronounced with a long o sound). Airhead child (age 17) just figured out what this had to do with Cleaning Out the Refrigerator.

The meringues look like they have much potential.