Friday, February 20, 2009

Espresso art in clay

My local coffee shop is closed for remodeling so I'm working out my coffee muscles with this tiny barbell. I am studying frothing and tamping. And I am dreaming of espresso cups and cappuccino cups thrown from Navajo clay - thin porcelain burns my finger tips, smashes on the faucet. I like to stack cups bottom up - wouldn't some white slip painted like latte art on the dark clay be nice? If Mr. Lear makes the drinks, they will have a design on the top and on the bottom!


Anonymous said...

Dear Runcible Bin,
I must live just up the street from you, since that's my local coffee shop, too. I've been enjoying your bog immensely, and it seemed creepy (given that I'm just up the street!) not to say hi. So, hi.

miscelenious said...

what funny timing - the gang had lunch at saul's today and there was a ghost in my latte foam!